Our Enterprise

specialises in development projects delivering customer-specific software applications.
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The owner managed company consistently aligns application design and implementation with the specific needs of its customers.

For today's corporations face increasingly complex requirements. The ever toughening competition, constant shifts in market conditions and emerging new technologies require ongoing adaptations of existing applications or development of new ones to provide timely and precise support to business processes.

hence concentrates on those types of software development projects
  • which must react flexibly to changing environment and requirements
  • that are of strategic importance to the customer
  • that require ongoing tight coordination between customer side and development
  • for which both technical know-how as well as understanding of the business domain represent a critical success factor
  • or for which time-to-market plays a crucial role.
These projects benefit most from being developed in close cooperation with the customer, thus anderScore typically runs projects which are not suitable for outsourcing to offshore locations. (See : Our Approach)